Monday, July 31, 2006

A Stick - and no Carrot

Ah, there's still a stick lying around here. In case you don't know what a stick is: it's a blog socializing tool, which is very popular in the German blogosphere. You receive a (virtual) "Stoeckchen" and some more or less interesting questions attached to it. After you've answered the questions, you pass the stick to four other bloggers, pretty much like a chain letter. Let's give it a go:

Warum blogst du? (Why do you blog?)

For different reasons. Sometimes, to vent my anger. Sometimes, to share information. And sometimes, to have a reminder for the future.

Seit wann blogst du? (Since when do you blog?)

On September 23, 2005, Mad Minerva made me crossing the Rubicon. I started this blog on December 8, 2005. And on February 24, 2006, I was introduced to the German blogosphere.

Selbstportrait? (Self-characterization?)

Is this a job interview or what? Okay, never mind. Mind-boggled globalization cheerleader. EU-bashing pro-Asian racist. Radical neosocialliberal centrist (no, you can't look up "neosocialliberal" in the Wikipedia, because this doctrine was invented by me, and I don't care to stuff this label with content) with a softspot for neocons and a dislike for diehard pacifists. Devastating GTD-record, btw.

Warum lesen deine Leser deinen Blog? (Why do your readers read your blog?)

I don't know. Some, because they like me. And some others, because they don't.

Welche war die letzte Suchanfrage, ├╝ber die jemand auf deine Seite kam? (What was the last query to let someone find your blog?)

I have no idea. I don't even know how to check that out. Judging from the comments, "Roy Orbison" would be a good guess, I think.

Welcher deiner Blogeintr├Ąge bekam zu Unrecht zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit? (Which of your entries got wrongly too little attention?)

None. If I want an entry to get noticed, I take action ;-).

Dein aktuelles Lieblings-Blog? (Your favorite blog at the moment?)

Um, Sex and Shanghai? Or FP Passport? Judge for yourself, taking into account my previous answers. (It's this one from Switzerland, in fact.)

Welchen Blog hast du zuletzt gelesen? (Which was the last blog you read?)

Letters from Rungholt (Israel, in German) and The Dignified Rant (Ann Arbor, Michigan).

Wie viele Feeds hast du gerade im Moment abonniert? (How many feeds are you subscribed to at the moment?)

You mean blog feeds, right? I don't know. Bloglines tells me: 360. But that includes newspaper feeds as well. As a member of the German Social Democrats, I don't care for numbers anyway ;-).

An welche vier Blogs wirfst du das Stoeckchen weiter und warum? (To which four blogs do you forward the stick, and why?)

To Maddie, Bruce, Joerg and Oliver. Because I'm happy to get rid of it.


Rayson said...

Eventually you made it ;-)

Maybe you should mention that the "stick" metaphor comes from the game people play with their dogs: they throw a stick somewhere and the dog has to retrieve it...

Marian said...


I didn't know that.