Thursday, July 20, 2006

"About half" - The Pew Blog Report

From Slate (via A Glimpse of the World):

Who Are All These Bloggers? - And what do they want?

When I hear the word "bloggers," I tend to think of the A-listers. But the top 100 are not the quarry of the Pew Internet & American Life Project telephone survey of bloggers (pdf), published today. They're stalking the larger universe of 12 million adult Americans who blog.

Who are all those bloggers? Why do they blog?

(...) The most immediately startling for me was the repetition of the phrases "about half " or "nearly half" to describe various blogger attributes. About half of all American bloggers are men, says Pew. About half are under the age of 30. About half use a pseudonym. About half say creative self-expression or documenting personal experiences is a major reason for blogging. About half think their audience is folks they already know. Half say changing people's minds is not a major reason behind their blog, and about half had never published before starting their blog. (The margin of error for the telephone survey was plus or minus 7 percentage points.)

Pew's blogging masses couldn't be more different than the American A-listers. Most A-listers are men over 30; have published before; are in it primarily to change public opinions and not to share their experiences; know only a fraction of their readers; and don't conceal their identities.

Continuing the Pew half-theme, we learn that about half the bloggers surveyed say they don't know anything about the size of their audience, and only 13 percent claim to get more than 100 hits a day.


(my emphasis)

Um... me? On this blog?

male? jep
under 30? nope
pseudonym? nope
audience already known? nope
creative self-expression? no, not really
documenting personal experiences? sometimes; not essential for me, at least so far
changing people's minds? well... yes, kind of
never published before? hmmm... nope
size of my audience? no idea (four? five?)

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