Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chinese Foreign Students in the EU - and in the U.S.

While doing some research on Chinese graduates related to the previous entry, I came across this Chinaherald post (my emphasis; Wikipedia-Link added):

Chinese students want more work experience

European universities continue to report a dropping number of foreign students, a drop that is most clear among Chinese students. In Britain their number dropped 22.5 percent in 2005 compared to the year before.
Lack of the possibilities to obtain work experience is the major reason, warned the consul for education at the Chinese embassy in London, according to the Financial Times.


In Scotland and England limited work experience is possible, but elsewhere in Europe - especially in the so-called Schengen-countries - students have to leave right after graduation, making, greatly diminishing the value of the education in the eyes of the students. On the contrary, in the US at least one year of work experience is allowed after finishing a study.


Make sure to read the whole entry, including the comments from Australia and the Netherlands!

To insert a Mad Minerva stylish comment here: Just a big *SIGH*.

You can find more verbose information at the Auswaertiges Amt site and over at the EU site. The EU praises the Schengen Agreement as a cornerstone to create an Area of freedom, security and justice. Yo!

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