Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Glimpse Of My World - Three Links From The Standard

Hi there!

I'm still up to my eyeballs in work, but this morning I came across three links in The Standard from Hongkong, which provide a glimpse of my world and the three countries this blog is meant to deal with in the first place (once I get my priorities straight - or my time management working):

Racism reports overblown, insists Merkel

German chancellor Angela Merkel has pleaded with tourists not to believe the hype about racism in Germany.

(As almost always with Merkel quotes: Don't hold your breath, folks!)

Hillary Clinton falling victim to her icy image

Five years ago, Al Gore was on his way to near-pariah status within the Democratic Party, scorned for losing the 2000 presidential election and then avoiding the public stage. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was the toast of the party.

(Al or Hillary? Between a rock and a hard place...)

Beijing airs fears on impact of growth

China has warned that its goals for economic growth are in direct conflict with environmental protection and said degradation is worsening despite official efforts to curb pollution.

(That's my story of the day. I wrote a piece about it (in German) over at Bissige Liberale, with more state owned links on that issue in English.)


Don said...

Marian, there is a grave historical issue which Germany and Germans have again failed to confront.

How could this (,1518,407072,00.html) possibly happen?!! It's a travesty!


As usual The Manolo is on the case of this mastermind of evil:

And then there is this:

Darth Versluys said...

Some crimes are so great that a country cannot be forgiven, and they will stain a country -indeed, an entire race- for generations. I am speaking, clearly, about Hasselhoff.

I agree entirely. Hasselphenom is truly an issue we should we be discussing reparations for.

I watched Knight Rider in the 80's, and I think Germany owes me an apology. This could be lessened because we gave them rap (sorry about that, Deutschland), but some crimes are so great as to be against the very fabric of humanity. He called his car *Kit*, for Christ's sake. KIT.

Shame, Germans. SHAME.

mr. los angeles apartment pad said...

Hah! Love the Hasseloff. ;)