Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama Victory Fallout

I was in a store (...) some black dude walked in, grabbed a bag of chips and walked out. (...) "Hey, why don't you pay for that?" He said: "FUCK YOU. Obama in office, we run that shit." (...) So, I paid for the chips (...) all of us ain't the same, man.
And in the youtube comments:
bradford1872: i have to commend you on paying for those chips...It takes a real man to do that and not go upside that asshole's head. I'm black and it kills me when "niggas" act stupid for any reason and then try to blame people for holding them back when it was their own fault. Starting today and for the rest of your life, it time to man up, own your mistakes and be willing to better yourself...2009 should be deemed the "Year of accountability" amongst the black community. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

craftkevin: I went out there and chopped dude ass up about that dumb ass shit. He got his mind right now...!

Being not so familiar with the urbandictionary part of American English, I hope this dude is still alive...

Anyway, fascinating stuff. If regular youtube people sounding like Michelle Obama is the fallout of the Obama victory, then keep it coming. This kind of accountability makes divided, aging, pointless Germany look even more hopeless*.

Here's the whole thing:

Youtube direct link: Black people stop doing stupid stuff because Obama won the election!

On a related note, a conversation between Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds on the glamour of being ridiculously left-wing, Reynolds' piece on Forbes ("Whoever wins, chill a bit") and the first signs of Obama Derangement Syndrome (which hasn't even a wikipedia entry yet; the Bush Derangement Syndrome does, of course):

*) The other day, a friend of mine noticed: "There's always this subtle anti-German resentment in your rants." My reply? "What do you mean 'subtle'?"

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