Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Decent Proposal

From the VP debate aftermath conversation with Kevin over at love in spades:

K: What I really wish could happen is for candidates to sign legally binding agreements whenever they say that they won't raise my taxes so that, if they end up in office, they are legally obligated not to raise my taxes. That'd be pretty cool.

M: And if they don't stick to those agreements - what punishment option would you root for? Something boring like "conviction of fraud or burglary, followed by a term in prison" - or the more medieval approach like, say, primetime townhall castigations, weekend market place stoning or superbowl tar-and-feathering?The medieval option would be more fun for the (tax-paying) audience, coming with a higher possiblity of deterrence (debatable).One should also consider preemptive OPM addiction treatment in facilities like the Betty Ford clinic for every politician who wants to run for office.

K: I was thinking defenestration at first, but your idea of tar and feathering on pay-per-view is too good to ignore. All proceeds from the event would go to pay down the national debt...

M: Okayyy...Feasel-Wirth Act 2030?

K: I shall write my Senators forthwith in order to get our bill introduced. Unfortunately, given that one of my Senators enjoys raising taxes and the other one spends too much time crying about John Bolton, I might have to move to South Carolina...

M: Hence, the timeline. But I thought of us becoming senators and {campaign trail mode} get the job done {/campaign trail mode}.

K: you might have to be the one running for office. The first time I talk about not imminentizing the eschaton and how the one person who's responsible for dealing with your problems looks suspiciously like that fellow on your driver's license, my campaign manager will commit ritual seppuku...
As for the bailout and OPM addiction, see US Congress in Rehab for OPM Addiction.


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