Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Rich Ohio State University Graduate

Forbes: 26-year-old woman is China's richest person

By Joe McDonald, AP Business Writer

BEIJING — A 26-year-old Ohio State University graduate worth $16.2 billion is mainland China's richest person, the business magazine Forbes said Monday, topping a list of tycoons whose wealth has soared amid a boom in stock and property prices.

The fortune of Yang Huiyan — also Asia's richest woman — is based on shares in Country Garden Holdings, a real estate developer founded by her father, Forbes said. It said the company's Hong Kong stock market debut this year made billionaires of Yang and four other people.


But sorry guys, Yang Huiyan (杨惠妍) is already married (quite normal for a 26-year old Chinese woman, no?):

The then 24-year-old bride smiled beside her unnamed groom in the pictures. He is to have graduated from Tsinghua University and studied in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

She got one hellava education at OSU. It is an example of what courses she took that few, if any, other Universities offer. OSU is one of the top business schools and she was smart enough to go there. The school's reputation is known world wide. While there she got to see one of the best football teams year after year. I am sure she boosts OSU to Chinese.