Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thank you for the feedback

I want to thank all of you who responded - via email or comment - to my blog carnival submission piece in particular and to my blog in general.

There are a lot of points I am willing to take on, but since it caught me by surprise to be featured by Davids Medienkritik, I'll need some days to take on all of those reactions.

To make you stay (or return), I want to draw your attention to my first ever appearance as a guest blogger over at Mad Minerva's blog. Back in September last year, I wrote a little satire about the difference in terms of mentality between the U.S. and Germany. Enjoy!

I also want to postpone the debate on my "unhappyness" with Davids Medienkritik. In the meanwhile, I point you to one of their pieces which is really great stuff: "SPIEGEL's Karen Hughes Translation Nightmare".

SPIEGEL ONLINE-bashing is one of my favorite free time activities, so no dissent with David & Ray here. Then again, it's not that the U.S. or the Bush administration are the only topics SPIEGEL ONLINE is handling in a crappy manner. No, this MSM outlet is an almost complete failure on almost every account.

For a fresh example on how SpOn tries to manipulate their readers, see today's story about Condoleezza Rice. You don't need any knowledge of German in this case, because it's only the picture I want you to have a look at. Doesn't Condi look like a pit bull terrier here? Is that the right way to report on other nation's representatives? No, of course it's not.


RayD said...

Hi Marian,

I hope we haven't put you on the spot too much. We also don't mind honest criticism so don't worry. We just really appreciated what you had to say in the posting we quoted.

Davids Medienkritik

Chris said...

Nice blog. Came here via Blogmeister USA.

I lived 16 years in Germany and was married to a German.

I'll come back often.

Ubrigens, ich kann Deutsch mit dir reden wann du willst :)

Mad Minerva said...

Guten Tag!

I smile, remembering how when we posted your satire last September, you and I had talked about our hope of increasing cross-Atlantic dialogue. And now look at you -- a new blogger and already involved in blog carnivals! Fantastic.

Now about Spiegel Online and its faults...Doesn't "Speigel" mean "mirror"? Maybe people see what they want to see in that publication -- that is, they see themselves and their own views reflected back to them, without any real criticism. Just a thought.

CatoRenasci said...

Interesting blog.... I came here from David's Medienkritik and enjoyed nosing about. You come across as both erudite and charming, qualities I have often admired in the Germans I've known over the past 40-odd years.

Sie haben aber schon noch nicht erklaert die Grunde Ihren pro-Amerikanismus.

As I wrote in the Medienkritik comments, I have always been a Germanophile, have spent time in Germany, kann Deutsch, have had contacts in the best German society (Akademic und Hochadel), and have studied German history. Most of that was decades ago. While I have always been aware of Germans' sometimes latent xenophobia, I must admit I have been shocked over the past few years at the breadth and depth of German anti-Americanism. I have also been more than a little taken aback at how little even educated Germans know about German history, let alone about America and the Anglo-American philosophical tradition that undergirds the United States.

While we certainly have our faults, we have also been the most consistent force for individual and personal liberty in the world over the past two and a half centuries.

Without putting too fine a point on it, I do not understand why many Germans seem to believe they speak with any moral authority, or why the US should listen to the German critique of our policy or society.

As incongruous as it may sound, I think any German who wants to criticize us should have to sit through about half-a-dozen showings each of Wir Wunderkinder and Triumph des Willens.

Meanwhile, I'll just suggest we in These States respond in Kleist's spirit to those who do us harm: In Staub mit allen Feinden Brandenburgs!

Marian said...


I hope we haven't put you on the spot too much.

No, no. It was just kinda embarrassing for me to see people entering my untidy blog. But it's okay.


thanks. I was very surprised to see that Blogmeister even blogrolled me. I don't deserve this so far, I think.

Where did you live?

Deutsch? Nicht in diesem Blog. Es ist mir wichtiger, mein Englisch zu verbessern ;-).

But feel free to use as much German as you want here.


nice to have you here. You sound like a very proud tutor ;-).

And as for SPIEGEL, I think they indeed do mirror something: German angst. And envy.


thank you for your kind words. Erudite and charming...sounds great! As for the rest of your comment, I'll respond to it in an entry of its own.

Chris said...

I live in Albuquerque New Mexico.

I lived in Bad Kreuznach, Wertheim and finally Aschaffenburg for a total of 16 years.

I was married to a German and worked for Alcatel over there after I got our of the army.